Acid Spray | Acid spray that hits area of 3 cells, burns all it touches
Archer | Ranged attacker
Armor | 20% resistance to physical damage
Beauty | Male humanoids have 30% chance to miss
Berserk | Unit always out of control, immune to mind spells
Blades | Attacks reduce targets ability to fight
Bone | Only 30% damage from arrows
Brutality | When bear takes damage his attack doubles at end of turn
Charm | 20% chance male humanoids charmed during attack
Cloud of Darkness | Long range attack, hits target plus surrounding troops.
Commander | Increases morale of bowmen and swordsmen by +1
Counterattack | If enemy retaliates, orc retaliates in turn.
Critical Attack | Chance for critical is high
Cursed | 50% chance to curse enemy on attack.
Dark Commander | Undead get +1 Morale
Death's Deception | Avoids critical attacks by vanishing into the shadows
Decay | Upon death spreads plague to surrounding tiles
Defender of Beauty| Sprites and Dryads gain +2 Morale
Demon | 50% Fire resistance, Combat on Volcano areas +50% defense | on Frozen areas -50% defense
Domination | Inflicts 50% damage on creatures level 1-3
Dragon Breath | Breath fire to strike target and object behind that target
Dragon Power | Instills fear in enemies level 1-4 reducing initiative.
Dragon Slayer | Increase attack against dragons and Fire resistance
Drain Life | Sucks health from enemy, recovering own health and raising | slain.
Eyeless | Immune to Blind, Precision, and Shroud spells, can sense | invisible creatures.
Fairy Dust | 30% chance of 1 turn weakness on target
Fire Protection | Gives 50% resistance to fire damage
Fire Resistance | Gives 20% resistance to fire damage
Flight | Flies over obstacles
Furious | Always retaliate
Gold Hunter | Find 10% more gold
Harmony Aura | All elves gain +1 Morale
Hates Giants | Causes double damage to giants, if giants in army then | morale decreased
Hibernation | Creature falls asleep when inactive, recovers health
Holiness | No penalties if undead are in the army
Holy Attack | Does a Range attack with inflects double Magic damage to | undead
Horn of Light | Inflicts +30% magic damage vs undead & demons
Horseman | When moving in straight line increases damage done by 10%
Hunter | +50% damage to beasts
Immune to Fire | 80% resistance to fire damage, cannot be burned
Immune to Mind sp.| Mind spells and effects don’t work on this creature
Immune to Poison | 80% to poison damage resistance, can not be poisoned
Lightning | Hits target with lightning at any distance, chance to shock | target
Likes Emerald | Considers the dragons to be very tasty, Green Dragons | as a result increase Morale of Giants
Magic Immunity | 80% resistance to magic damage, no spells effect the unit
Magic Resistance | 25% resistance to magic damage
Marine | During naval battles morale is increased
Night Sight | Nighttime and underground attacks +50%
No melee penalty | Inflict same damage as ranged.
No retaliation | Enemy has no chance to retaliate
Orc's Commander | Orcs and goblins gain +3 Attack
Paralyzing Ray | Chance to put target asleep for 1 turn
Phantom | 50% resistance to physical damage, passes through barriers
Plant | takes double fire damage, 50% poison damage, | immune to mind spells
Poison Protection | 50% resistance to poison damage
Poison Resistance | 25% resistance to poison damage
Power of Forest | Ranged attack inflicting magic damage to target and | surroundings
Regeneration | Recovers maximum health each turn
Resistant to Cold | Reduced damage from ice spells, in frozen terrain +50% | defense
Restoration | Remove all negative effects at the beginning of the turn
Rising Anger | Every time attacked max damage increase +3 & critical | chance +3%, up to maximum max +15 & +15%
Robber | Humans level 1-2 decrease morale by 1
Scavenger | Can reach killed troops, which is otherwise beyond reach, | receiving 2 additional action points
Siege Gun | double damage on obstacles, barriers, and gremlin towers.
Sniper | No penalty for ranged attack
Soaring | Allows creature to fly over obstacles
Soul Draining | Kills made becomes new ghosts! Be careful, if leadership | exceeds yours they will turn on you.
Steel Armor | 30% resistance to physical damage
Stone Skin | 20% resistance to physical damage
Strike and Return | Return to your original starting point after attacking
Team Spirit | For every 30 peasants attack +1 up to +10 maximum
Teleportation | Move to any place on the map
Terrible | When attacking they frighten opponent, frightened targets | can't retaliate
Three-Headed | Creature attacks three targets at once, central target and | two adjacent squares
Tolerance | No morale penalty for undead in army
Tree Fairy | Ents and Thorns in army gain +1 Morale
Undead | 50% poison protection, +50% attack at night and underground | +1 Morale if in cemetery, double damage from holy attacks, | Immune to mind spells
Underground | +50% attack when fighting underground
Valor | Gives +1 morale
Venomous | 30% chance to poison for 3 turns during an attack
Vulnerable to Fire| 50% more damage received from fire attacks